Representative Projects

Marine Environmental Engineering
MEA staff provided main propulsion, auxiliary, HVAC, and electrical system design, analysis, and equipment selection, during the design of three coastal tankers under contract for $90 million and on-site at a German shipyard for a $38 million vessel conversion.
Key MEA staff completed statistical analysis, engineering support and multiple chapters of a high-profile $6 million technology study that first employed certain emissions control technologies onboard ships.
MEA staff completed numerous engineering and economic feasibility studies, conceptual designs, and interactive optimization computer programs for the implementation of alternative energy technologies onboard ships.
Marine Environmental Assessments and Inspections
Key MEA staff assessed the performance of a power plant and auxiliary machinery; completed system performance evaluations and audits, including efficiency analyses, specific fuel consumption calculations, and material condition assessments.
Facility Environmental Assessments and Inspections
Developed and implemented Corporate EHS programs for Fortune 250 multinational manufacturing, oil, and mining firms. Programs included facility regulatory compliance audit protocols, individual corporate standards, training programs for management as well as shop floor supervision and employee, facility regulatory compliance checklists.
Developed, organized, and implemented EHS training seminars for Fortune 500 multinational firms attended by EHS, HR and Operation personnel.
Soil and Water Environmental Remediation
Key MEA staff developed an environmental feasibility study for a new $300 million deep mining venture. The study included water supply analysis with 9 months of water storage; waste disposal for 33 million cubic yards of mine waster; water treatment processing for mine and surface water; water diversion systems; and permitting process.
Environmental Oversight and Consulting
Development and submittal of permit application for various industrial operations involving various Federal agencies: NPDES, RCRA, TSCA, CWA, CAA, MSHA, OSM.
Provided a conceptual engineering and economic analysis for the reduction of steamship emissions, as well as multiple emissions studies for specific power plants and entire fleets.
Environmental Project / Program Management
Key MEA staff provided project services management, including cost, schedule, contracts, quality and operations, of a 11-year, $463 million municipal wastewater system expansion program in the Southwest U.S.
MEA staff led the site management, including safety, field engineering, construction, cost and schedule, of a $53 million Iraqi infrastructure (waste water) reconstruction project that was completed in 18 months.

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